Why do I regret signing up for wedding photoshoot?

Don’t get me wrong. I am still (at the core) think at every newly wed should have created something as a memento for such a huge day.


After watching the photos taken during the ROM, I realized that I could actually trade the hefty amount for the wedding photo shoot package for something more worthy.

Many have asked me “How was your Marriage Life? ” In my mind,  actually nothing much changes, or maybe (As a Chinese) I have to wait until Chinese New Year to experience what it’s to be a new member of Tan’s (my hubby) family.



Even a failed photo tells the story, that’s the beauty in it!

So far, other than receiving the pleasure of people calling me “Mrs Tan” or Madam Kok, the biggest change is the way of I managing my financial account’s/cash flow, etc.

(Wonder why it links with photoshoot? Read On)

After our ROM, we shift our focus to managing our new house:

  1. Planning budget for renovation & furniture.
  2. Drawing a floor plan on where to locate the light point, fan point, ac point, socket point.
  3. Deciding which furniture to be place in which position in our house
  4. Deciding which furniture to buy
  5. Visiting IKea, Showroom to get ideas that meet our needs.


(As a young working adult,)After seeing the budget , I could only then realise I spent  it in the wrong way.  The biggest change after marriage life (and having to pay for housing monthly installment), is to make sure everything I spent worth the penny or worth my liking. 

The hefty amount that we have signed up could actually be traded into something much more worthy, for instance:

  1. Purchase  iMac Pro
  2. Purchase a professional DSLR (camera)
  3. Purchase a 65″ samsung flat smart TV (which I need the most)
  4. Add on 5 tables in a wedding banquet
  5. Secure 2 months of housing installment.

The list could go and go, like seriously so many things can be bought with the amount. I just want to make sure everything I spend is what really necessary.


Now, why do I regret on signing up for a wedding photoshoot? 

Don’t get me wrong, it worth my liking, but I could have spent in on something that leave longer lasting effect!

  1. Wedding photoshoot as beautiful as it is, what are you going to do with the photos after it is being printed out and placed delicately in photo album?
  • Show it to people during the wedding reception for a few nights, and keep it drawer forever.
  • Post it on social medias like Facebook & Instagram, earn many many likes, then flushed over by many other posts.

Obviously, comparing to purchasing smart TV or camera, these gadgets would allow me to take endless beautiful, high definiton photos with sharp focus, and browsing youtube on a bigger screen

Yet, we need to keep something as a memento for our wedding. Hence, I am not saying that we don’t need to have a wedding photoshoot.

As an avid bride (LOL), you can see part of it by looking at the URL of my blog (preweddingfantasy) and the rest of other posts here in this blog, I have longed for a perfect, immaculate wedding. How could I miss the beautiful part of photoshooting? No way!

After the watching the photos of the ROM, I realised that I long for a perfect wedding to the extent I know the minute details of what I wanted. I would even enjoy going through all these “trouble” (pleasure) by myself.





Photos taken might not be up to professional standard, super sharp focus in object, high contrast , great angle….etc. But, what I really want is decent photos that document our ROM moment, with each of the photo tells the story and exudes the feeling at the moment.



My brother was the photographer for our ROM on that day. Don’t you think he did a good job on that. I am delighted to see those photos! I mean I could actually DIY my own wedding photoshoot!


The only thing I do not know is the trouble to source  for a proper and decent wedding dress, and groom’s attire for him, and the make-up and hairstyling on that day. Hmmm, but as I see, it’s not a big deal , and I am willing to go miles to source for the right attire , knowing that i can save on such a hefty amount.



Anyway, I have signed up, and there is no need to  mourn at it. (But it’s still important as part of reflection ). And the main reason I penned (keyboarded) this down is to share my experience to all the newly wed or couples who plan to get marry soon. Watch below to a few of my advice


  1. Plan your budget wisely

Plan your budget as details as you can picture it. For instance, where to have photshoot? WIthin selangor, negeri sembilan area or Sepang , Kuala Selangor or Taman Perdana? Or just inside studio? or oversea?

Then how many attire you need?

MOst of them do not include Ampoule that can secure the bride’s make up throughout the day.


Make sure everything is written clearly on the receipt, like 5 lace dress, 3 designer dresses. Depend on the bridal shop, for my case, lace dress would need to top up money cause need to take care during the laundry.

If you like to have props, what is the theme you want? You want to rent the props or DIY?

I’ve heard a story about a man took up loan to have his wife dreamy wedding, and 10 years past, they are still paying for the marriage loan. What’s your opinion on this?  No one should ever borrow loan just to celebrate marriage. We can still delay our reception to save up money what.


2. Set a budget for your marriage.

Do not ever go overboard if your budget. Then in this way, even when you visit a wedding fair, even when you got so hype up, even when every booth is basically offering you FREE accessories, FREE ADD-ONs and so on, you won’t be blind with multiple choices available but instead go for what you’re looking for.


3. Do not sign up during your first visit to the wedding fair.

There are mostly 3 or 4 wedding fair in a year. The purpose of the visit is to get the direction/ rough cost of your photoshoot, reception, location and many2  more. Then go home and think carefully, if what you really want exceed your budget, how you are you going to offset it? Postpone, or opt of the cheaper package?

4. Never ever pay lump sum until you are at the end of the servicing point.

It’s a rule of thumb. Nevertheless, I still wish to highlight it here. Just because you like the marketing people/sales lady who pursuit you, promising you whatever you need, but you might not know it is the other people who service you in the studio. You might ended up feeling so unfair because of the service given. (Though every details our package has been clearly stated in our receipt, but still do not ever pay lump sum especially when your will have your photoshoot in 3-6 more months).


In the case if you really not happy with the service given, you can still choose not to pay them in full amount when it really doesn’t justify what it was as mentioned in the packaged signed.

and I think the reason when marketing personnel asking for lump sum , they can get higher commission too.

Having to said this , I still love the sales lady who lured us to sign up , She is too experienced to know what we really want. She is pushy at the core, but she really know how to sweet mouth and attempt to our needs. I do not hate her or what, I would say we are rather impulsive before spending what is needed. What to do, I only got married once in a lifetime, LOL




Haiz…so lesson learnt, never ever got so hyped up even it’s your wedding. Stick strictly onto your budget! In my case, I know I could just DIY for myself. Anyway, you can visit my ROM photoshoot here.  and see how I DIY my bridal bouquet here.





The day – The Official Day – The day becoming Mr & Mrs Tan

Rough agenda on the day

8am – Depart from bride’s homestay

9.15am – Reached Thean Hou Temple (It was normal working weekday, so took 1.5h to reach. Jam in notorious Federal Highway, so)

9.15am – 9.30am – Took as much photos as we can, before moving to the registration.

9.45am – WS’s family reached. Waiting for our turn.

10.00am – Entered  registration room to have trial signing.

10.05 am – Entered the formal ROM room to the real ROM ceremony with our Registrar inside


Webp.net-gifmakerSo the pair of the couple went to Thean Hou Temple earlier to take photos first. It’s so funny to see that we ourselves dress is a very….heavy..overdress way, and drove ourselves.



FInally, here we reached Thean Hou Temple, the temple with ROM ceremony conducted in Old Klang Road (Somewhere near KL sentral and Kuen Cheng High School)



Can you guess what’s the story behind this pic? The butterfly in our stomachs! Anticipate for it… LOL  (Actually not very nervous also lar, busy scouting places to take photo, posing for photos than thinking about ROM)



Credit to the photographer , my younger bro for doing quite a decent job at taking a decent photos. that’s the feel I want! You may find him HERE too.


THat’s the proof that I had 2 bouquets of flower!


Like I am taking advertising ads for Thean Hou Temple… I think we walk to fast my bro can’t focus on us.


So off we went to the registration.



and a mandatory photo here. with our family members too!

okay, then was called to enter the registration room

Obviously, I am the daughter of my father here. We were so photo-sensitive!


My dad signed carefully with prudent.


Going to have our ROM started soon!


Thank you to my dad and my father in law having witnessing our ROM. The VIP in my life.



8 years and today is the day we realising our vow …for now and forever. and I have your surname on my name!




Newly wed / Mandatory tourist  pose



So here’s how I got the profile pic.



新娘视角 VS 新郎视角




Now you know why I chose Thean Hou Temple. Cause every corner of it is just so photo-worthy.

Photographer: Bride’s brother

Camera: Sony Nex F3

Photo editor:Maple

Groom’s vest: Precious wedding

Bride’s dress: Precious wedding

Bride’s headband & earrings : Precious wedding

Bride’s shoes:


Treat me like princess every single day, can ar?


Not sure if this happen to you. Even after the ROM , for 2 or 3 weeks, I still can’t believe that we are officially, legally husband and wife….up until this point….I finally slowly digest the fact that it happened. Even when I look at the rings on my fingers , it still feels very surreal. (Have this ever happened to any newly wed there? )

(OKay la, I don’t want to talk too much about my personal things here. )


So to all the people who reading this entry, no matter you are single, attached or married. Never stop pursuing your dream. For me, this holy thing is one of the list in my priority.


It’s okay to be single.

It’s okay to get attached.

It’s okay to get married.

It’s just your matter of choice.

In the end of the day, you will love whatever you do.

Peace yo!

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Sudden thought

I wish to have my own name to be printed on my fancy notebook. I wish that happen. When suddenly I was thinking how it works. The idea of having our customised printed notebook is like this.


  1. The cover is a photo frame. The photo can be our wedding photo or the photo from photobooth.
  2. Yes, I will have a photobooth for my guests during the wedding banquet
  3. Not forgetting the hasttag too.
  4. Oh yea, before I forgot, the props for the photobooth…I guess would be the normal props.

Things that I wanted to do be getting Married

  1. A casual photoshoot that look awesome and aesthetic!!


Just like the album below!


Thank the couple from Australia who trust in my service : > เมื่อความรัก ไม่จำกัดส่วนสูง อาจารย์หนุ่มมาดเข้มจาก…

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Also, I like this type of warm colour candid photoshoot. But I dont like the background. I want something between 2 of us. Like beach, something between WS and Maple


2. Not my arm makeup challenge with my boyfriend. I find this is quite interesting. Because it manage to test the level of his tolerance. I mean he quite sayang me at the time when I am down. But this video is fun, and wish to do it!


3. Prewedding photoshoot behind the scene video.


4. Invitation video

The URL link for the invitation video will be digitalise on our invitation card. It is only once in alife time , and a must to document them!


My Idea of Wedding Photoshoot

The type Wedding Photoshoot


Photoshoot Theme

  1. Beach/Seaside Theme
  2. Outdoor Natural: Perhaps Jungle in FRIM, Shah Alam   OR Cameron Highland with those colourful flowers OR Ipoh Kinta Bridge
  3. I don’t feel the need to go oversea, but my photos must have been very very nice terms of aesthetics, where the background will match out attire too.
  4. Bring my own props for visual enhancement.
  5. There could have be 2 or more sets of idea
    •  Free, and Candid, Demure, Subtle (Perhaps at beach, windly, fish village,going back to retro decades)
    • For some shooting, I want to wear sneaker, Converse Sneaker, or Jeffry Campbell type with the white bridal dress.
    • 555.jpg

      Above: The Free and Candid that I like

      6. British vintage Romantic style, not the Victorian style, but something like the picture below. Preferably take the Those Ipoh British style mansion or Penang also can.

      Photoshoot Location

    • 7. Omg, and before I have planned any theme for the photoshoot, I already have the idea of where to shoot my pre-wedding photoshoot. It would be Bangkok!!! Seriously Bangkok has a lot of tourist attractions with nice backdrop to the extend it makes your photo so so pretty!
    • Santori Huahin
    • Chocolate Ville
    • Plearnwan
    • Rod Fai Market 2
    • Siam Gypsy Junction
    • Swiss Sheep Farm (wanna take photo with Alpaca!! and buy an alphaca plush toy there)
    • & Perhaps Cicada Market if we have spare time
    •  Whatever is it, Beach is a COMPULSORY!!



P/s: I have this feeling, I would just buy 1 set either custom made , or ready dinner gown during my photoshooting trip in Bangkok, no why, just feeling. My evening gown for the wedding banquet would be just a an aesthetically elegant, but easy for movement one. Hence it w ould be like a maxi dress, perhaps with extra ornament on it only.


The Wedding Banquet/Cake

Photobooth corner

This is okay too.
I like this backdrop so much!!


1.Not sure how is the photobooth corner theme will look like, but some of the props are real material like the things that he DIY for me. like


the christmas tree star is he fold them one by one and gave me =D


2. And every guest can play with the print out instagram pic with certain hashtag


3. For the photo printing out devices, I have 2 plan in my mind now. The first one is using your own cell phone to snap pic, then upload to instagram , with the alocated #hastag so that the printer can print it out automatically. (1 shoots, 2 copies)

The second method would be using photobooth camera, but this idea is less sensible, as it might grab the attraction of the guest on playing it. Also, I have no idea where to place the photobooth camera. I have just viewed how others play with photobooth, it seems like it’s a brunch of people gather at the gigantic camera to shoot. ~~ hmm~~


4. At this point, guests might have trouble on where to keep those fragile small size print out photos, hence there is a special photo frame on the wedding invitation card that serve as this purposes. (Meaning, I have to decided the size of photos printed out before work on the size of wedding card invitation. )


5 Wedding invitation card

a.I would either use it or do not use it. Hmmm, coz I feel that is a waste to always design the card so pretty, and in the end, people get rid of the card by just to recycle it. Or maybe, I will use a digital way or a namecard style invitation card to invite the guest.


b.If there is an invitation card, I want both our face on the card!




Wedding Banquet

Note: http://www.viralcham.com/%E5%BF%85%E7%9F%A5/weddingdresskh041215/  found this link is quite useful to take note on petty things during the banquet.


Because I am a Buddhist, I don’t think I will carry out like a Christian wedding where the father of the bride bring his daughter down the aisle, i wanna to have this during the banquet!

Then my father pass me to him during the halfway of the aisle, then both of us walk to the stage, and present our welcome and appreciation speech before we sit down.



for the wedding dress, it should be minimalist simple, elegant, but didn’t affect my movement, In fact if possible, I wish that I can wear sneaker on the day.


I have even think about the menu for the wedding banquet

  1. Roasted BBQ Pork
  2. The dessert will be the wedding cake that they seen previously.
  3. Still thinking about dessert bar, never mind ,w ould leave it to think in the future.
  4. I was thinking that maybe the dishes serve on the Bride and Bridgroom table could be a little bit different from the rest. One of the problem that I have seen is that, usually the Main table people are host, don’t have time to eat so much, as they need to serve and toss with the guest in the banquet. So the best idea is to have individual dish serve, instead of serving one dishes on the table, and need to take time to take also.



I want to have this Project C for my wedding cake in the future. I still don’t know which cake that I want. But I want it from them. Their cake is not only pretty on aethetic view, and delicious when you eat them.


Project C is  famous for Toh Fu Cheesecake, should I get this for the cake cutting session? Neh~~ I will just discuss with them. Which would be few years later from now.



BTW, I just got this from Wikipedia, normally a Chinese Traditional Banquet would go on like this.

Typically, the banquet will include a speech from the parents, the best man, the maid of honor, and the guest speaker. There will be cake cutting, toasts, a tea ceremony,[16] some games designed by the DJ, and dancing. The two tables at the center of the room are for the groom’s and bride’s families.

My plan is I will put the cake in the center of our wedding hall, Would prefer a 3 tier heart shape cake, right before the banquet start. When the guest coming, they could take photo of the cake, and we will have the cake to share with everyone after the cake cutting ceremony.

I don’t want a cake cutting is just a ceremony for the sake of ceremony, it should be a joyous moment, and everyone get to taste a piece of cake which they keep taking photo just now.


Perhaps I can get a sponsor for this? =D =D

Alright, I just blurt out what is on my mind now.

ALso, I found this articel is quite useful. 12 things to know before your wedding day.



I found this useful because she has pointed out things that I haven experience there fore will never cross my mind. It’s little small little details that will affect your emotion too. After all, you want to make sure everything is flawless on your Big Day.






DIY Prewedding Photoshoot

Just want to share some gallery that I saw in my friend(Shu Yi)’s facebook album.

I feel like she is so talented! With minimum cost and budget, the outcome of the photos is actually gorgeous, fabulous.

Guess what? There is only she and her hubby, both of them are the people being shoot and photographers at the same time, this is too talented!!! She and her hubby has taken 3 days of from their 2 weeks honeymoon trip in Australia for the photoshoot. And they enjoy the company of each other. so sweet~~ =D


Shu Yi said the weather was cold while there were shooting. It’s almost like 10 degree celcius, and it feel like 3-4 degree celcius when the wind was blowing.


As she describe her experience, I feel like I want to do something like this. SOmething that is challenging, because it’s only 2 of you. And have to get the right angle. And the effort of going to and fro between the shooting point and tripod in the cold breezy weather.


And I like to do this kind of DIY photoshoot. I might not doing this kind of photoshoot in the future. But I likes their idea so much!! and definitely should find a platform to tell the world, hehe.


Both of them are photographic lover. I can tell that because I have seen the other photos that she uploaded on Facebook that is extraordinary special, in term of aesthetic, (maybe because she is gorgeous), and that feel.

Alright, I just want to show her photos here.

1 2 3 45 6   9  11 12 14 15 17 18 20 21 22

Photos are taken from her facebook photo album. Btw, some of you might cannot have seen the photos. So with the permission of the photo owners, Shu Yi, I will just uploaded here!

The photo is awesome right! Shu Yi tell her intention to having prewedding photo shoot is based on the feel….THE FEEL at the instantaneous moment, which I can feel from seeing the photos. along with the nice caption.

I have a short conversation with Shu Yi over Facebook (thanks for convenience of ICT nowadays), her intention is not to mainly to take a nice photos but to create a memory to be remembered with THAT FEEL


You see the photos here very nice right?


Tips that I learn from Shu Yi

  1. Buy a remote control to control the camera, so that you won’t need to going to and fro.
  2. Do some in-depth research before hand, so that the quality of phots came out are good!
      • The angle to shoot (zoom in or zoom out)
      • The different type of background
      • Can prepare the props like fake flower, bowl tie, veil, ring…anything that you think could brighten up your photo =D


  3.  The posing. Of bride and bridegroom (with different type of dress, background)
  4. Choose the theme that you want: Free and Easy/Candid/ Summer/Island/Romantic/Countryside/Beach/Dreamy/Princessy (This canbe achieved through the use of props too! )

Paper Towns Movie Date with my Darling.

DSC07609A day to remember. 23th July 2015.  The day when Wei Sheng just done with his interview. And I was so craving for the movie.

  • Bari Uma dinner
  • Wondering around – book shop-common area, waiting for 9.30pm to come
  • FInally to movie date!!

On the side note, I started to like Jaya SHopping Centre, it’s quite serene during the weekday when there is not much crowd around.



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April 2015: One U- Nasi Lemak Bumbung- Banana Rice

New blog here. I want to gradually move from blogspot to here. Because I want to private some of the posts in this post. Not all posts are publicily accessible. As I create this blog mainly to keeping track on our journey.

Our Latest meeting was a short one, we went to walk beside a river. It’s a newly completed project by Masjid Perbandaran Kemaman. Then we went to Papardelle to eat their carbonara, I really like the carbonara from them, but Rm 18.90 is really a bomb, when it only served a small size, like a kids meal.

No pic here. Apparently Wei Sheng would be here on 15 or 16th May 2015.

Alright, the date before this was during my visit to KL. Initially to join a run which is cancelled at the last mins due to ASEAN summit, WTF. Well, I still carry on my travel as I already bought the ticket.

Attending an insurance apparently financial talk. Our hand so cold, so we hold eat other hand like this. His hand is even delicate then mine.

then we went to eat a lot of good stuff. Like nasi lemak bumbung. BAnana rice at Sri Paandi.

DSC05943 (1000x562)

aLSO this journey, we bought a new mattress at cost about Rm 200, to welcome me to sleep in his new room! We are going to live together during my internship! One of the happiest moment all this while!!

I also spent my book voucher. in One Utama.

And spenting time to revise psycholinguistic, that I would have the test in coming Monday. I love my dear very much, he kept pester me to go study. While I laid back, fidgeting with phone. I really feel so much motivated, feeling aspiring but at ease when I am with him. That’s my boy!


After finish with my revision, he also bought me to mamak. Cause I really avarice, somemore, you will feel hungry faster spenting time doing reading, and memorising. And that is also my first time savour one of the best… I-forgotten-the-name in the world.

Then on the third day, last day and Sunday. I took 3pm ETS backed to Kampar. He accompanied me to KL sentral, I slept on his shoulder cause I too sleepy, after spenting the Rm 15 book voucher from MPH. And there marked the end of my KL trip.

# the end #

Christmas Trip_day1

Harlo , Love~~ I mean, Hello, to whoever read this =D.  I actually quite doubt to make this post divide by day 1, day 2and Day 3 or just a summary of all the 3 days. So, I chose the first one.

18 Dec 2014

Took the 9am bus from Kemaman to Pudu Sentral, reached around 2pm. It was raining when I took off from Kemaman. My mom put me at the bus station there then ask me to take care of myself before she weaved good bye to me.

I was so excited to see the new books that I booked from Kinokuniya, I decided to go to KLCC first. Yes, I was the one who planning the itinerary for our KL trip. Thanks to WS to allow me to do what I wanted in KL, hehehe.

 WS slipper look #wsootd
Christmas time is a valid reason to go KL! Because there are Year End Sale every shopping mall, also Christmas vibe is everywhere, making it good scenery for taking photo! hahaha. We didn’t purposely go to the garden in front of KLCC. The road just lead  us there. 

 Say hi to almost 4 storeys tall christmas tree erect itself in front of Suria KLCC! #hichristmastree

 Beware, this is simply a photo diary of us. So lots of photos will be spammed here~~

 Kinder-beuno ing while perching at the staircase. Though it’s a working Thursday, the park was blast with masses of people. Everyone was so cheered to take photo with this Christmas-ty ambience.

 at the entrance to park in  suria KLCC
Went to get my novels after that. I was so enthusiastic, but ironically I have not started to flip even a page! WTH, I don’t like this feeling!Alright, give me 3 days to finish Kite Runner before I read my new babies. 
Spent Rm92.90 at Kinokuniya.

    Ate only a light lunch at 12pm which is a plate of Chicken rice and a cup of Hot milo,  in highway pit stop. Raining day was cold, and I need something to warm my tummy. Hence I was hungry like a wolf I need to MAKAN(eat)! So bought bread to comfort my tummy first, a carbohydrate-loaded bread.

his was Rotiboy bun 
mine is Chicken Floss Bread, not that flavourful from Cake sense
My plan is to have dinner as famous foodstreet, Jalan Alor. Hence we were busy figuring out the road to Jalan Alor from KLCC. Got a free rose from SK II, and asked the leng zai leng lui the way to Jalan Alor. 
If you were an active KL citizen , you would propably know that there is a special pathway, inlaid with numerous advertisements that connect between KLCC to Pavilion, meaning you can walk from KLCC to Pavilion, though it’s a quite some walking distance. But the journey was enjoyable cause WS was with me =D =D =D 

 Stop at the middle of pathway to take photo with White Christmas tree. together with the Rose prop.

WS: How good if there is someone who offer to rent bike at the begining of each way. Only rent for                Rm1, then you can earn a satisfied living already. 

Maple: But hor, If  wanna start on this business, you must first build a bicycle track.Build the bicycle                 lane in 2 opposite direction, and include thosewalking lane is total 4 lanes. Unless you extent                the pathway broader lo.

Finally, we reached the picturesque Jalan Alor.

 We were here in Jalan Alor~~ the apparently famous food street!

I have seen Jalan Alor in a Taiwanese Food Travel show, the programme describe the chicken wing here is so yummylicious, succulent. But neh~~~ most of the human force here were foreigner, even the chow kuey tiaw that I ordered was so Malay-style. A bit spicy and soy-sauce taste. Like Gan Lao Mian. Where got people add soy sauce in Chow Kuey Tiao one~~~~

 The bobo-caca taste only coconut, and nothing else. PLAIN.

 After I regain energy…..

That’s all for day 1.