My Idea of Wedding Photoshoot

The type Wedding Photoshoot


Photoshoot Theme

  1. Beach/Seaside Theme
  2. Outdoor Natural: Perhaps Jungle in FRIM, Shah Alam   OR Cameron Highland with those colourful flowers OR Ipoh Kinta Bridge
  3. I don’t feel the need to go oversea, but my photos must have been very very nice terms of aesthetics, where the background will match out attire too.
  4. Bring my own props for visual enhancement.
  5. There could have be 2 or more sets of idea
    •  Free, and Candid, Demure, Subtle (Perhaps at beach, windly, fish village,going back to retro decades)
    • For some shooting, I want to wear sneaker, Converse Sneaker, or Jeffry Campbell type with the white bridal dress.
    • 555.jpg

      Above: The Free and Candid that I like

      6. British vintage Romantic style, not the Victorian style, but something like the picture below. Preferably take the Those Ipoh British style mansion or Penang also can.

      Photoshoot Location

    • 7. Omg, and before I have planned any theme for the photoshoot, I already have the idea of where to shoot my pre-wedding photoshoot. It would be Bangkok!!! Seriously Bangkok has a lot of tourist attractions with nice backdrop to the extend it makes your photo so so pretty!
    • Santori Huahin
    • Chocolate Ville
    • Plearnwan
    • Rod Fai Market 2
    • Siam Gypsy Junction
    • Swiss Sheep Farm (wanna take photo with Alpaca!! and buy an alphaca plush toy there)
    • & Perhaps Cicada Market if we have spare time
    •  Whatever is it, Beach is a COMPULSORY!!



P/s: I have this feeling, I would just buy 1 set either custom made , or ready dinner gown during my photoshooting trip in Bangkok, no why, just feeling. My evening gown for the wedding banquet would be just a an aesthetically elegant, but easy for movement one. Hence it w ould be like a maxi dress, perhaps with extra ornament on it only.



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