The Wedding Banquet/Cake

Photobooth corner

This is okay too.
I like this backdrop so much!!


1.Not sure how is the photobooth corner theme will look like, but some of the props are real material like the things that he DIY for me. like


the christmas tree star is he fold them one by one and gave me =D


2. And every guest can play with the print out instagram pic with certain hashtag


3. For the photo printing out devices, I have 2 plan in my mind now. The first one is using your own cell phone to snap pic, then upload to instagram , with the alocated #hastag so that the printer can print it out automatically. (1 shoots, 2 copies)

The second method would be using photobooth camera, but this idea is less sensible, as it might grab the attraction of the guest on playing it. Also, I have no idea where to place the photobooth camera. I have just viewed how others play with photobooth, it seems like it’s a brunch of people gather at the gigantic camera to shoot. ~~ hmm~~


4. At this point, guests might have trouble on where to keep those fragile small size print out photos, hence there is a special photo frame on the wedding invitation card that serve as this purposes. (Meaning, I have to decided the size of photos printed out before work on the size of wedding card invitation. )


5 Wedding invitation card

a.I would either use it or do not use it. Hmmm, coz I feel that is a waste to always design the card so pretty, and in the end, people get rid of the card by just to recycle it. Or maybe, I will use a digital way or a namecard style invitation card to invite the guest.


b.If there is an invitation card, I want both our face on the card!




Wedding Banquet

Note:  found this link is quite useful to take note on petty things during the banquet.


Because I am a Buddhist, I don’t think I will carry out like a Christian wedding where the father of the bride bring his daughter down the aisle, i wanna to have this during the banquet!

Then my father pass me to him during the halfway of the aisle, then both of us walk to the stage, and present our welcome and appreciation speech before we sit down.



for the wedding dress, it should be minimalist simple, elegant, but didn’t affect my movement, In fact if possible, I wish that I can wear sneaker on the day.


I have even think about the menu for the wedding banquet

  1. Roasted BBQ Pork
  2. The dessert will be the wedding cake that they seen previously.
  3. Still thinking about dessert bar, never mind ,w ould leave it to think in the future.
  4. I was thinking that maybe the dishes serve on the Bride and Bridgroom table could be a little bit different from the rest. One of the problem that I have seen is that, usually the Main table people are host, don’t have time to eat so much, as they need to serve and toss with the guest in the banquet. So the best idea is to have individual dish serve, instead of serving one dishes on the table, and need to take time to take also.



I want to have this Project C for my wedding cake in the future. I still don’t know which cake that I want. But I want it from them. Their cake is not only pretty on aethetic view, and delicious when you eat them.


Project C is  famous for Toh Fu Cheesecake, should I get this for the cake cutting session? Neh~~ I will just discuss with them. Which would be few years later from now.



BTW, I just got this from Wikipedia, normally a Chinese Traditional Banquet would go on like this.

Typically, the banquet will include a speech from the parents, the best man, the maid of honor, and the guest speaker. There will be cake cutting, toasts, a tea ceremony,[16] some games designed by the DJ, and dancing. The two tables at the center of the room are for the groom’s and bride’s families.

My plan is I will put the cake in the center of our wedding hall, Would prefer a 3 tier heart shape cake, right before the banquet start. When the guest coming, they could take photo of the cake, and we will have the cake to share with everyone after the cake cutting ceremony.

I don’t want a cake cutting is just a ceremony for the sake of ceremony, it should be a joyous moment, and everyone get to taste a piece of cake which they keep taking photo just now.


Perhaps I can get a sponsor for this? =D =D

Alright, I just blurt out what is on my mind now.

ALso, I found this articel is quite useful. 12 things to know before your wedding day.


I found this useful because she has pointed out things that I haven experience there fore will never cross my mind. It’s little small little details that will affect your emotion too. After all, you want to make sure everything is flawless on your Big Day.







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