DIY Prewedding Photoshoot

Just want to share some gallery that I saw in my friend(Shu Yi)’s facebook album.

I feel like she is so talented! With minimum cost and budget, the outcome of the photos is actually gorgeous, fabulous.

Guess what? There is only she and her hubby, both of them are the people being shoot and photographers at the same time, this is too talented!!! She and her hubby has taken 3 days of from their 2 weeks honeymoon trip in Australia for the photoshoot. And they enjoy the company of each other. so sweet~~ =D


Shu Yi said the weather was cold while there were shooting. It’s almost like 10 degree celcius, and it feel like 3-4 degree celcius when the wind was blowing.


As she describe her experience, I feel like I want to do something like this. SOmething that is challenging, because it’s only 2 of you. And have to get the right angle. And the effort of going to and fro between the shooting point and tripod in the cold breezy weather.


And I like to do this kind of DIY photoshoot. I might not doing this kind of photoshoot in the future. But I likes their idea so much!! and definitely should find a platform to tell the world, hehe.


Both of them are photographic lover. I can tell that because I have seen the other photos that she uploaded on Facebook that is extraordinary special, in term of aesthetic, (maybe because she is gorgeous), and that feel.

Alright, I just want to show her photos here.

1 2 3 45 6   9  11 12 14 15 17 18 20 21 22

Photos are taken from her facebook photo album. Btw, some of you might cannot have seen the photos. So with the permission of the photo owners, Shu Yi, I will just uploaded here!

The photo is awesome right! Shu Yi tell her intention to having prewedding photo shoot is based on the feel….THE FEEL at the instantaneous moment, which I can feel from seeing the photos. along with the nice caption.

I have a short conversation with Shu Yi over Facebook (thanks for convenience of ICT nowadays), her intention is not to mainly to take a nice photos but to create a memory to be remembered with THAT FEEL


You see the photos here very nice right?


Tips that I learn from Shu Yi

  1. Buy a remote control to control the camera, so that you won’t need to going to and fro.
  2. Do some in-depth research before hand, so that the quality of phots came out are good!
      • The angle to shoot (zoom in or zoom out)
      • The different type of background
      • Can prepare the props like fake flower, bowl tie, veil, ring…anything that you think could brighten up your photo =D


  3.  The posing. Of bride and bridegroom (with different type of dress, background)
  4. Choose the theme that you want: Free and Easy/Candid/ Summer/Island/Romantic/Countryside/Beach/Dreamy/Princessy (This canbe achieved through the use of props too! )

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