April 2015: One U- Nasi Lemak Bumbung- Banana Rice

New blog here. I want to gradually move from blogspot to here. Because I want to private some of the posts in this post. Not all posts are publicily accessible. As I create this blog mainly to keeping track on our journey.

Our Latest meeting was a short one, we went to walk beside a river. It’s a newly completed project by Masjid Perbandaran Kemaman. Then we went to Papardelle to eat their carbonara, I really like the carbonara from them, but Rm 18.90 is really a bomb, when it only served a small size, like a kids meal.

No pic here. Apparently Wei Sheng would be here on 15 or 16th May 2015.

Alright, the date before this was during my visit to KL. Initially to join a run which is cancelled at the last mins due to ASEAN summit, WTF. Well, I still carry on my travel as I already bought the ticket.

Attending an insurance apparently financial talk. Our hand so cold, so we hold eat other hand like this. His hand is even delicate then mine.

then we went to eat a lot of good stuff. Like nasi lemak bumbung. BAnana rice at Sri Paandi.

DSC05943 (1000x562)

aLSO this journey, we bought a new mattress at cost about Rm 200, to welcome me to sleep in his new room! We are going to live together during my internship! One of the happiest moment all this while!!

I also spent my book voucher. in One Utama.

And spenting time to revise psycholinguistic, that I would have the test in coming Monday. I love my dear very much, he kept pester me to go study. While I laid back, fidgeting with phone. I really feel so much motivated, feeling aspiring but at ease when I am with him. That’s my boy!


After finish with my revision, he also bought me to mamak. Cause I really avarice, somemore, you will feel hungry faster spenting time doing reading, and memorising. And that is also my first time savour one of the best… I-forgotten-the-name in the world.

Then on the third day, last day and Sunday. I took 3pm ETS backed to Kampar. He accompanied me to KL sentral, I slept on his shoulder cause I too sleepy, after spenting the Rm 15 book voucher from MPH. And there marked the end of my KL trip.

# the end #


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