The video

31st March 2014

saw this video on one of the blogger’s blog there, I think I should put it here coz

1. the scene of brother clad up is very funny!
2. There is also a bunch of Sisters in Heng DAi geng.
3. The bride, Daphnne is so pretty! Wish Danny boy and Daphn will living happily ever after! and I knew they would!
4. The dress for the bride is so pretty in every single occasion!
5. So special coz bridegroom drove to his parents’ house.
6. Fion and Chanwon are inside. They both looked pretty and play guita!! Sth not to be missed!
7. The game to bully heng dai~~ you should watch! Not too over, but so creative!
8. The bouquet~~~ so luxurious!

Thanks to Daphne for allow me to publish her video her. I took this from here =)

7th April 2013

I saw this when I saw Sharon bee through instagram, and her this video proposal is really wonderful…

from here
I am sure that every couple would have their own the most wonderful proposal.
sometime, I think I should be a boy
if I were a boy
is a man
I would plan a very unforgettable proposal to  my girl,
my woman
but if I were a boy
I don’t think I would 
this kind of blog like a girl too…
girls being girl
always kill own sentence one =)

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